What case@BTM is all about ?

How are case teams decided?

It depends. In the workshops there will be some team exercises and you may either choose your own team or may be put into a team for the duration of that workshop.
For the case@BTM internal competition to be held in March you will be able to choose your own team, and will have a chance to put the skills you’ve developed in the workshops into practice.
Any competitive travel teams will be selected by the BTM faculty mentors. Active participation in case@BTM workshops and the internal competition is strongly recommended to be considered for a travel team.

What kind of activities will happen in case@BTM workshops?

The activities and main focus of case@BTM workshops will be to improve your case analysis skills, and comfort presenting your solutions to others.
Workshop content is designed to improve your critical thinking skills and ability to analyze real world business and technology problems. We will explore systematic ways to examine cases, teach you frameworks that will help uncover key issues, and help you to develop an effective solution to address those key issues.
Invited speakers may cover special topics such as finance, information systems and other areas that may not be covered in class due to time constraints. This project is new and so content and format will continue to evolve.
All these activities will help to improve your understanding of BTM course content, and improve your marketable skills for coop and post-graduation work.

Is case@BTM be similar to DECA?

In a word, no. The case@BTM program has a number of unique features:
No membership fee – we have a grant for our first year of activities. Modest costs of operation will be covered after year one by future fundraising by our volunteers, and support from SBE for travel teams.
Business technology management focus – all cases will be relevant to your program, and workshops will supplement and build on materials you cover in class
Only BTM students or those in the current MB105 class may participate in the case@BTM program.
BTM faculty mentors – faculty are developing the workshops and will coach any travel teams. Invited speakers will deliver some content.

Are the competitions always held in March?

The case@BTM internal competition takes place in March each year. Fall workshops will be open to first and second year students as third and fourth years are on coop. The March competition is timed to ensure that participants have enough information to compete well, and avoid conflicts with midterms and finals.
After the inaugural group of case@BTMers have reached their 3A semester, we will likely run another internal competition in July to help select the travel team who will participate in an external case competition in their 4A semester (likely in February). That team will have one-to-one coaching by faculty in advanced topics to prepare them for the excitement and rigour of the national competition.

How long and when are the case@BTM workshops?

Our survey of students suggested that they preferred weekday evenings for workshops, and that they would like them to be about 2-3 hours. The 2-3 hour timeframe will ensure that skills building can be followed by actual case analysis and application of new learning with an opportunity for immediate feedback. Our goal is to have refreshments at all workshops!

What will we learn at the workshops?

We will focus on case analysis, case competition tactics and advanced topics in areas of interest to technology-focused business students. Examples of content include case competition data presentation and power pitching, e-business, advanced topics in financial accounting, strategy, cybersecurity, and technology evaluation.

Will we be able to compete against other business schools after the program is developed?

Initially, we will focus on developing case analysis and competition foundational knowledge, and an internal competition where students can apply their new skills. This may take two years. Our goal is to select a team to compete in a business technology management national competition, such as the caseIT® competition organized by the Beedie School of Business at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver.
We are informed about other external competitions occasionally, and will pass along this information to BTM students. Students are encouraged to get involved, however generally these will not be formally supported by the BTM faculty.