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Case@BTM Workshop February 3rd, 2016

Case@BTM Workshop February 3rd, 2016

Presented By Dr.Josephine McMurray

Oliver Davis is a case many students will be familiar with. We’re taking a case that is an “old friend” so that students can test their speed at completing an analysis, arriving at a solution, designing a full 10 minute slide set, and delivering a presentation over the course of the workshop. Students will be provided with a case attack template and tips for structuring solutions. Groups will receive feedback on their presentations.

Case@BTM Workshop March 2, 2016

All student teams participating in the case competition must attend this workshop as case attack strategies, managing your time will be covered, as well as registration and instructions for the upcoming case competition weekend. The case for this workshop will be handed out a week in advance – students will be asked to work on the case in groups leading up to the works.

Location: TBD

Internal Competition Weekend March 11-13, 2016

Location: TBD

Time: TBD

Students will self-select into teams of four to register for the case competition. Teams  build a solution to the case that is announced Friday night, then present their solution to a panel of judges on Sunday morning. This 36 hour period will be spent researching and analyzing the case and will result in a 20 minute presentation, followed by 10 minutes of questions. Each presentation will be evaluated by a panel of judges comprised of Laurier SBE faculty and industry representatives! Winners will be announced and prizes awarded immediately following the panel’s deliberations. All participants are encouraged to stay for an informal lunch afterwards.

Learn from the Case Pros!

Location: DAL 007

Time:March 2nd 7-9pm

This the last workshop of the Winter semester, and we’re delighted to announce that Michael Marcuzzi and Michael Blair from the Lazaridis BBA case competition team that was so successful at Queen’s University this year, will be joining us from 7-8pm. Have you wondered how to manage your time in a case competition? When you have to “cut and run” – decide on the best solution and run with it? How to pull your case solution together, and present information in a compelling way? How to manage your Question and Answer session? All these questions and more will be covered in the workshop, along with some tips and tricks, and personal insights.
We will also be covering all the details of the BTM case debug that runs over 38 hours from Friday Mar 11th – Sunday Mar 13th, and will culminate in a lunch and awards ceremony at noon on Sunday when the winning team will receive their $400 prize, and runners up will each receive a laptop backpack. All teams competing in the BTM case debug must send a member of their team to the March 2nd workshop – this is the last opportunity you will have to register your team. Please see Dr. McMurray or Matt Raines if you’d like to be on a team.
Free pizza and beverages!

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