Business Technology Management

Welcome to the BTMSA website. We are new, we have a fresh new look and we are just flat out awesome. If you would like to know more about BTM and what it has to offer ? Click the button below to learn more.


Here at the BTMSA we are always hosting events to bring together people on campus. All of our events are fun and interactive, do want to know when the next event is on campus ? Click here to learn more !


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Our Team

Our team at the BTMSA is really fun and diverse in so many ways. Its always working hard to bring you a better BTM experience. Everyday we strive to always put our best minds together and always strive to be the best. We at the BTMSA strive to always push the boundaries of technology and business everyday, with every student in mind. If you really want to know what our team is all about, check out your executive team !


The BTMSA is proud to present case@BTM. Case@BTM is the development of your case-analysis skills. This will allow you to have the ability to develop your critical thinking skills and abilities to analyze real world business and technology problems. Once a BTM student gains the ability to effectively analyze real world cases, you will then be faced with a challenge to develop an effective solution to apply to any business and technology problem. Click here to learn more !

Our Work

Everyone here in BTM loves what they learn. Our BTM program includes one year of co-operative education experience, we don't just learn with our minds, we also learn with hands-on experience too! We are always fascinated on learning how business and technology continuously integrates with each other.

Our Vision

Here at the BTMSA we are always looking to make our program a better one. Our vision is to create a fun, hardworking and awesome students association for everyone to enjoy. We are here to make everyone's experience the best one possible.